Reading Aloud Contest II


To increase students motivation in Phonology and Dictation subject who was teaching by Fitra Elia, MHum. She organized Reading Aloud Contest II on Saturday, November 16 at Microteaching Lab Faculty of  Teacher Training and Education (FKIP).This contest is second contest after last year. The participants are students of fifth semester. Each class sent three representatives  of five classes.

“As long as there are no activities that motivate students, but many potential of students in reading,” Fitra said.

Fitra expect this contest to be students motivation, a contest every year and greater. This contest, there are two juries, namely Diah Ayu Riskiani SS MHum and Khulaifiah SPd MPd. “Assessment of reading aload contest is fluency, accuracy, and intonation,” Diah said.

She suggested to the students to many reading. Ari, English department student, 5 B said that Reading Aloud Contest is very motivating students to read and make the students know how to good reading. Ari hope this contest will be bigger in the next year.

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