Strategies for Learning English

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Teacing Learning of Foreign Language Strategy Effectively is theme of guest lecture who was organized by English Department, on Monday, November 25 at Convensional Hall Soeman HS. Keynote speaker is Prof Utami Widiati MA PhD and Yulianto, MPd as a moderator .

She is One Directur Assistant Graduate of State University of Malang. The guest lecture was opened by Dr Elvis MSi as One Dean Assistant Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP). He said that FKIP invited 14 Professor for guest lecture.

“Actually this guest lecture for all english lecturers FKIP UIR, but all english lecturers can’t join, so English Program invite the fifth semester students,” Johari Afrizal said, as chairman of English Department.

The guest lecture, prof utami explained Strategies for Learning English. Utami said that there are seven learner factors. Learner Preferences, Learner Beliefs, Age, Intelligence, Aptitude, Motivation, and Personality.

Utami also explained that “10 Commandments” For Good  Language Learning. Fear Not, Dive in, Believe in Yourself, Seize The Day, Love Thy Neighbor, Get The Big Picture, Cope with The Chaos, Go with Your Hunches, Make Mistakes Work for You, and Set Your Own Goals and closed with a few questions from lecturers and students.

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